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Sealants are an example of preventative dental care. They are a long-term solution to protect your teeth from acids and harmful substances which could lead to cavities and other complications. At Crawford Leishman Dental, we offer sealants in Vineyard, Utah along with other preventative treatments and oral hygiene advice.

What are sealants?

When we eat and drink, food can get stuck in fissures, or grooves in our teeth. This can be difficult to clean with a normal toothbrush. Sealants are a type of coating that’s applied to these to prevent this. They’re usually white or clear in color. The acrylic coating is painted on by your dentist, then dried to form a thin layer. This acts as a barrier, effectively protecting your tooth enamel. Both children and adults alike can have this common treatment. There are several benefits of sealants.

Simple procedure

Getting sealants is such a simple procedure, you can have it done in one appointment. The hygienist will give your teeth a deep clean first, then the protective layer will be applied. The solution dries quickly, and you won’t feel it once it’s dried. You can eat, drink, and speak normally straight after your appointment. 

Instant protection

Sealants offer instant protection to your teeth. As soon as the solution has dried, your tooth enamel will be protected from acids and harmful substances in food or drinks. This is an effective way to avoid cavities and tooth decay in the future. Your dentist will inspect your sealants at your regular checkups and can reapply them if necessary.

Natural appearance

Sealants are white or clear, meaning they blend in with the rest of your teeth and look natural. You won’t be able to feel them in your mouth either. In fact, sealants are barely noticeable. They are commonly recommended for back teeth or molars, and are unlikely to be seen. Sealants are very fine and have a smooth surface. This makes them easy to clean and you can carry on with your normal oral hygiene routine.

Long-term solution

Sealants are considered a long-term solution. They are very durable and resistant to wear and tear. Your dentist can easily repair any cracks in your sealants or reapply them, in the unlikely event that they’re damaged, providing a quick solution. Sealants can also save you money on expensive treatments in the future. By helping to prevent cavities you are less at risk of tooth decay which can lead to infection and other issues. Sealants can help you avoid more invasive procedures to treat tooth decay.

If you think you or a family member could benefit from sealants, our team at Crawford Leishman Dental can help. We provide sealants in Vineyard, Utah plus a variety of dental services. Our customer support staff are always available if you have any questions, and can book you an appointment at your earliest convenience. If you would like to learn more about sealants, or for further advice about preventative dental care, call us at 801-225-5888.