Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers can be used by trained dental professionals to treat patients who want to add small amounts of volume to their faces. Traditionally, dermal fillers have been administered to patients in a medical Dr.’s office, but more dental offices, such as Crawford Leishman Dental, have started to see the benefits it can bring in dentistry. If you are in the Vineyard, Utah area, please continue reading to learn more about what dermal fillers are and how they can benefit you. 

A dermal filler is a facial injection made of hyaluronic acid and hydroxyapatite. Its purpose is to remove fine lines and wrinkles in the skin. Certified dentists can administer dermal filler injections just as a medical Dr. would, but usually dental patients that seek dermal fillers are also seeking a smile transformation. 


Smile Transformation 

If you have been working with us on a major or complete smile transformation through cosmetic dental procedures, you might want to consider dermal fillers after the transformation is complete. Once the transformation is finished, patients might start to notice wrinkles or fine lines around their smile that they want to be filled out. 

It is beneficial to receive dermal fillers with your dentist who designed your smile transformation due to their familiarity with your smile and surrounding areas. 

Not only do dermal fillers have the ability to fill in small lines and wrinkles, but small fillers can also be placed to add volume to your lips, cheeks, specific areas around the nose and cheekbones, and oral commissures. 


Confidence Enhancement 

Due to age or other factors, naturally, the top layer of our skin can start to wrinkle or have less volume. This can cause you to subconsciously start to lose confidence in your smile and even your overall appearance. Receiving small amounts of dermal fillers, will fill out your face and make you feel rejuvenated helping your confidence grow. 

Unfortunately, a single injection of dermal fillers isn’t permanent, and to receive lasting results a continuation of fillers is needed. Wrinkles and lines are caused by a lack of collagen in the skin, but repeated injection promotes new collagen growth in the injection site. So not only will continuing dermal fillers increase your confidence, but they also help your body produce natural collagen. 


Contact Us! 

We are pleased and excited to say that our dental professionals at Crawford Leishman Dental have been specially trained and certified in the delivery of dermal fillers. We have had the pleasure of helping many patients not only enhance their entire smile but also rejuvenate their entire faces. 

If you are interested in either restoring or creating a new smile with us or want to learn more about dermal fillers please reach out to our Vineyard, Utah office. We are here and happy to meet with you just to discuss the possibilities for your new and improved smile.